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Peter Lindemann has over 35 years experience teaching, researching and developing alternative energy technologies. Peter is an internationally recognized Tesla expert and is the founder of one of the oldest and most successful free energy websites on the internet.

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Dear Free Energy Enthusiast,

I got interested in Free Energy in 1973 when I was 22 years old. On a bus trip to Ann Arbor, Michigan, at a rest stop at Battle Creek, I happened to see an article in a small newspaper about a "fuel-less electric engine" that was going to change the world!

When I got home, I wrote a letter to the inventor, but was told that no other information could be given out at that time. It was another three years before I learned anything more about this amazing invention.

Back then, there were no computers, or internet, or Google Search, or Patent Records on-line, or discussion groups, or YouTube, or any other ways to find out about things right away. There were, however, fantastic developments happening in the Free Energy field. In 1982, I moved to Santa Barbara, California, to study Physics with Bruce DePalma.

Those were amazing times, and though I didn't know it at the time, I was "right in the middle of it". Actually, life seemed pretty normal. It was just that in our spare time, we were running all of these outrageous experiments that were proving to us that "free energy" really did exist.

Little did I know, 37 years later, that I'd be one of the "Old Timers" trying to help the younger generation understand what happened in the field before they got out of grade school.

Most of these Classic Energy Videos are over 20 years old, and were produced before the "modern communication age". Never the less, they set the stage for the modern Free Energy movement that is gaining ground every day. Back then, we didn't know that the First Law of Thermodynamics was WRONG.

We had to find out, the hard way. Along the way, we also found out that the general interpretation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics is WRONG as well. And finally, Einstein's General Relativity has also been proven to be WRONG. If you are still reading this, you know for sure that you have fallen into a group of HERETICS.

This collection of Classic Energy Videos presents some of the most direct and blatant evidence of these proofs. Modern Physics has already been turned on its head, but you won't find out how on the Evening News. If you are interested in a sustainable energy future, than you owe it to yourself to find out everything that is already known. This collection of Classic Energy Videos is a great place to start.

Many of these films cost $30 or more when they were first released. Most have had extremely limited circulation. Taken together, they represent an astonishing archive. Now you can have them ALL in one package for one low price.

Learn why some people say "there is no ENERGY CRISIS!" If that's true, then what we really have is a SOCIAL CRISIS, where society is being held ransom by a Political and Financial Elite who have made it their policy to prevent the development of these discoveries. The only thing that we can do is educate ourselves and tell our friends!


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Free Energy Research

#1) Free Energy Research (video made in 1987) 2 hours

A laboratory demonstration of original electrical equipment by Eric P. Dollard, Peter Lindemann, Tom Brown, Michael Knox, and others.

This film starts with a sequence by Eric Dollard showing the difference in quality between the energy returning from an inductor and the energy returning from a capacitor. It also shows the only filmed tests of my Rotating Parametric Transformer in operation.

We also show a way to get more out of your solar panels, a novel N-Machine that can produce AC from two shaft contacts, and dozens of other experiments. Dozens of original and patentable devices were shown in this film. If there ever was a Classic, this is it!

Tesla's Longitudinal Electricity #2) Tesla's Longitudinal Electricity (video made in 1988) 60 minutes

A laboratory demonstration by Eric P. Dollard and Peter Lindemann

Experiments presented show Tesla's One-Wire method of electrical transmission with no return wire, including lighting a light bulb in an "open circuit"!!!

Also, the Wireless Power Transmission method, and the Transmission of Direct Current through Space are demonstrated. It also shows how impulse currents can produce Radiant Energy emissions in an electric light bulb which attracts material objects but repels the human hand. At the end of the film, a longitudinal signal is broadcast from the laboratory to a beach one mile away, using the ocean as an antenna.

Transverse & Longitudinal Electric Waves #3) Transverse & Longitudinal Electric Waves (video made in 1988) 48 minutes

A laboratory demonstration by Eric P. Dollard. Eric demonstrates the reality of longitudinal waves and their application to the natural transmission of electricity. Networks of coils and capacitors are presented as Analog Computers, opening up the field of research into the kind of wave-forms discovered and used by Nikola Tesla in his wireless power transmission methods.

The (LMD) Longitudinal Magneto-Dielectric wave is shown to have a propagation velocity greater than the speed of light! This is actually shown on the film!!! The (TEM) Transverse Electro-Magnetic wave, (in present use) is shown to be a retarded, unnatural form of energy transmission. Many measurements are taken on the test apparatus during the demonstrations.

Bruce DePalma

#4) Experiments on Rotation (video made in 1990) 2 hours

Extremely rare lecture and demonstration by Bruce DePalma at a conference in Santa Barbara, California in 1990.

Probably fewer than 50 of these films were ever sold.

This film includes footage of the first demonstration of the "Sunburst N-Machine" in 1979, as well as presentations on dozens of experiments that show that the inertia of an object can be altered by the simple act of rotation.

For anyone who is interested in anti-gravity or the idea of extracting unlimited energy from the fabric of space, this film is the crown jewel of the collection!

Unifield Dynamics Presents John Bedini

#5) Unifield Dynamics presents John Bedini (video made in 1986) 2 hours

This is a rare demonstration by John Bedini of his early work with the Kromrey Generator designs, what he calls his "G-field generator".

The film was made at Bedini's audio amplifier facility in Sylmar, California in 1986. On hand to check Bedini's work is Electrical Engineer Roger Modjeski, from Santa Barbara. I was the one filming and asking questions during the presentation. Is it possible to build an electric generator that defies conventional behaviors? See for yourself!

All FIVE of these Classic Energy Videos I personally either filmed or produced. Purchased separately, these would cost you $125 before shipping and handling! Some have never been available on the internet before this offer!

We're NOT charging you
a single penny for them.


Bob Teal MagnipulsionDemonstration of the Magnapulsion Engine (video made in 1975) 10 minutes

Extremely rare footage of Bob Teal demonstrating his Magnapulsion Engine prototype #4 at a "Penny Stock Convention" in Hollywood, Florida in 1975.

The demonstration shows that it is possible to build an electric motor that produces mechanical energy using very small amounts of electricity AND even recovers that electricity without losing power. Many electric motor designs purport to do this now, but Bob Teal was the first!


International Water Fuel CompanyInternational Water Fuel Company - Automotive Hydrogen Generator 6 min 51 sec

Showing that the hydrogen boosters were being manufactured and sold years before the HHO Booster craze you see these days.


Tikon IndustriesTikon Industries, M-Series 10 min 31 sec

Demo of a motor claimed to produce more electricity than what it consumes.


Modified Newman MachineModified Newman Machine 19 min 32 sec

Demo of a variation of a Newman Machine.


Jim Murray 60 minutes

This is one of the most important energy videos ever produced. Jim discusses his experiments with power magnification in physical devices and electrical circuits - One of Tesla's greatest secrets!


Chris Carson and Eric Dollard in 1996, 53 minutes

Lecture about longitudinal waves vs transverse waves and novel ways to completely eliminate antennas from ham radio systems and more.



Bruce Depalma, 7 minutes

Excerpt from documentary with Bruce DePalma discussing universal energy, the N-Machine and politics.


Bruce Depalma N-Machine, 2 hours 44 minutes

This is actually a four part download.

The first is on Adam Trombly and the Homopolar Generator.

Second and third is Bruce DePalma going over his N-Machine technology.

Fourth is from Paramahamsa Tewari who built the Space Power Generator based on Bruce DePalma's N-Machine.



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